VAXXIN8 makes immunization compliance simple


The solution to vaccination management is finally here

VAXXIN8 provides the healthcare sector and organizations that may be exposed to preventable infectious diseases with a centralized, real-time view of the vaccination compliance for each member within their organisation. 

VAXXIN8 removes the administrative burden to investigate, store and manage vaccination compliance across the workforce.

VAXXIN8 makes immunization compliance simple.


VAXXIN8 makes it easy for you to manage your vaccination program 

  • Collect vaccination status of each employee quickly and easily
  • Store each employees vaccination status for easy retrieval
  • Run management reports on the organizations vaccination status to show your level of compliance
  • Make vaccination appointments in real-time for employees with the automated booking system


Investigate the vaccination status of your employees for specified infectious disease via online surveys and secure self-service portals.


Store employee vaccination evidence and survey responses for each employee in a secure central repository.


Manage an employee's vaccination life cycle with online surveys for new starters, automated booking system and single view dashboards

Save Time

Self service portal allows employees to receive vaccination notifications and complete online surveys. 

Reduce the administrative burden to capture and record vaccination compliance across the organization. 

Manage Risk

Replace traditional manual processes to capture and track vaccination status to increase accuracy

Reduce overall risk through demonstration of tight vaccination processes

Employee Wellbeing

Provide all employees with clear and transparent framework which protects them from exposure to vaccine preventable diseases

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