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Immunisation compliance simplified

Many organisations are using excel spreadsheets and reminders in their calendars to capture large volumes of status data on the vaccination compliance of their employees against preventable infectious diseases. These then need to be periodically reviewed to work out who needs follow up and attention.

Sound familiar?

Our solution allows you to simplify the process of managing and reporting on your employee vaccination status.  You can keep on top of when they are due for their next immunisation as well as report in real-time the compliance of your employee

What is VAXXIN8?



Investigate the vaccination status of your employees for specified infectious disease via online surveys and secure self-service portals.

Save Time

Self service portal allows employees to receive vaccination notifications and complete online surveys. 

Reduce the administrative burden to capture and record vaccination compliance across the organisation. 


Store employee vaccination evidence and survey responses for each employee in a secure central repository.

Manage Risk

Replace traditional manual processes to capture and track vaccination status to increase accuracy

Reduce overall risk through demonstration of tight vaccination processes


Manage an employee's vaccination life cycle with online surveys for new starters, automated booking system and single view dashboards

Employee Wellbeing

Provide all employees with clear and transparent framework which protects them from exposure to vaccine preventable diseases